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John Cowan
There are only so many first-class geeks. When they are all hired up, companies have to make do with the second-class geeks, and so on. During the dot-com boom, I saw this effect operating with a vengeance, as more and more of my tech-to-tech conversations were with the mostly clueless.
Excellent math
Not only excellent in theory, but in practice too. Most successful project hire small teams of the best developers, typically 2 to 5 per team. When they try to *scale*, that is, hire 10 times more developers, they usually hit a wall, because there are not so many star developers in the market. They waste their time by trying to fix each other's bugs, mispellings and miscommunications.
Do you not feel though, that having a rookie on the team can actually help creativity, and in some cases teach the "old guys" new things that will help the process. I have learned that I don't know everything and I can learn from people that have less experience than I do. And the young ones can learn too. Prudence in hiring can bring on youth that will bolster a team to, sometimes, new heights. Thanks for the post

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