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Hmmm "not Springy"... I thought that the default behaviour of Spring was to use singleton bean instances, unless otherwise specified in the bean definition.
There is some sample code at the link below where spring beans are used in the chain so that they can be IoC configured. That would seem more springy than naming the concrete class to use which is the default way that chains does it as shown in step 3 of this blog. http://www.drummondsoftware.com/WhitePapers/SpringChain/SpringChain.htm
Could this not be much simpler and a lot more 'springy' by simply defining your commands and chains in the application context itself rather than using a seperate config file:
<bean name="myCommand1" class="MyCommand1"/> <bean name="myCommand2" class="MyCommand2"/> <bean name="batchSendChain" class="MyCommandChain"> <property name="commands"> <list> <ref bean="myCommand1"/> <ref bean="myCommand2"/> </list> </property> </bean>

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