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Sorry to be annoying, but: "would have" (twice).


@Leif - thanks for pointing this out. You learn something new everyday!

For future reference, I found this explanation the simplest on why you should use "would have" instead of "would of".

Erick Dovale

I am so infuriated by this that, after unsuccessfully asking them not to provide me with the search service, I reported them to the Microsoft anti-piracy department hoping that they at least can make them change the 404 page. In a windows machine this page should look fine but in my mac the images do not show up as the page is referencing the resources inside the IE dll.
This is the single most annoying thing that Rogers has ever done to me; even more that the sporadic outages.


+1 for single most annoying Rogers behavior.

Even after opting out I find the service resets itself to hijack mode after a while.

It's all about money, of course. Those ad clicks bring in dollars.

Have you tried Google Public DNS?

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