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That is a decent solution. A better one would be for the shopify team to simply program in the ability to create sub collections that can be associated with a top level collection.
The styling doesn't show up for me. Why is that?
@Enrique what is your shop address? If the styling isn't showing up it is probably because the stylesheet isn't loading.
Hello Gavin! Greetings from sunny Madrid. We are trying to create subcategories in our upcoming Shopify store, but we can't manage to see the styling properly. Are you interested in doing a free-lance job for us and fix this solution within our shop? Thanx in advance! Tatiana PS: the password for the hidden frontstore of our shop is g0rge0us
@Tatiana, There is now a tutorial on the Shopify wiki that does a better job of explaining this than my post, but if you would still like me to help I'd be happy to - please visit ShopifyConcierge. Thanks, Gavin.
Hi I've been reading how to add the sub-menus and its a bit more complex then I thought it would be. if you have some time is it possible I could chat with you to help break this down?
@Teddy, yes please feel free to contact me via Shopify Concierge: http://www.shopifyconcierge.com.

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