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Great stuff, Gavin. Love the site. My club also uses Sailwave and our website (www.CharlestonOceanRacing.org) is powered by DotNetNuke. Currently we just copy/paste the html into a new window, but I'm looking for a tighter integration. Seems like somebody out there (author of Sailwave?) could make a cool web service or other online scoring tool. The search continues :-)
Thanks for your comments Mike. I noticed on the SailWave mailing list they are starting to discuss a web version. I was surprised to see the reaction from some folks who insist that the software be able to run on desktop machines with roughly the compute power of my toaster. The reasons being they need to work offline because they don't have internet access and they can't afford to upgrade their machines. Seems incredible to me that some clubs can't afford such internet access, but there you go. Some of the posters were suggesting building an open source solution based on Ruby, PHP or Python + MySql, but I don't agree with this approach either. Sure it would be web based, but it means that each club would have to host and administer their own version. What I'd love to see is a hosted version, with a focus on building great mobile apps to access it. Let's face it, internet access will be pretty much ubiquitous soon, if it isn't already, and the rate at which the power and capabilities of mobile devices are increasing is simply amazing. I think in a couple of years time we will see mobile devices taking over as the main way of interacting with the web. Running it as a hosted service means the costs would be minimal. I have built and run a couple of hosted services and a well written SaaS (Software as a Service) application would easily support thousands of clubs at a very small cost for the hosting infrastructure. In fact, I'd be willing to bet you could offer a service like this for free if you made it ad supported. I wonder if such a project exists, or is in the works right now?
I had been wanting to do this for Broxbourne Sailing Club and fiddling around for displaying just the table from Sailwave. I'm glad I came across this page as it saves me time stripping old Sailwave result pages. Thank you!
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I have been wanting to do the Sailing Club as well . I am glad I found this page it saved me time too.. thanks for sharing...
Colin Jenkins
The platform independent version is ongoing. Sailwave is in fact pretty simple underneath and I'm using Javascript + jQuery to rewrite the app, then wrap it in Adobe Air to get local file access (write). This means it can then run on any computer and is web based.
New Mexico Service Jane
This post totally saved me extra time and effort! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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